At The BNY Mellon Boat Race President's Challenge in London on 24 October 2013, an event that traditionally signals the start of the 2014 Boat Race, Anna Watkins was announced as its Ambassador for the BNY Mellon Boat Race.

Anna says "my first Boat Race memory is sitting in my parent's front room watching the Boat Race as one of the institutions of the British sporting calendar. My mum explaining to me about the two universities and what the race was all about. I remember thinking that if I work really hard at school maybe I could to do something like that one day.

"As an alumni of Cambridge, my loyalties are almost cemented, but one of my closest friends is coaching Oxford at the moment so I am really divided, and that is a fun place to be because I can have a foot in both camps."

In her role as Ambassador Anna will work alongside The BNY Mellon Boat Race Team over the season to develop greater awareness and participation in rowing.

She commented "it is a real honour for me to become Ambassador for The Boat Race. Rowing has really captured the public's imagination since the London Olympics. I am delighted to have this opportunity to play a role in such a globally-recognised event."

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April 6th 2014 at 6:00pm will see the 160th Race between crews from the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge. First raced in 1829, The Boat Race is one of the oldest sporting events in the world.

The Boat Race is the annual contest between the two rival universities, which takes place on the River Thames, the teams competing in eight oared rowing boats. Watched by thousands along the bank of the Tideway, between Putney and Mortlake in London, and by millions more on TV and around the world, The Boat Race is a unique sporting event. With two strong squads of athletes, anticipation is building for the 2014 clash.

The Boat Race course, known as the Championship Course, is 4 miles, 374 yards long. The crew that wins the coin toss before the race choses which side (or station) they will race on. The stations known as Middlesex and Surrey, both have advantages and disadvantages because of the bend in the river.

The 2014 BNY Mellon Boat Race will be the 160th contest; Cambridge lead the series with 81 victories to Oxford's 77, with one dead-heat in 1877.

The BNY Mellon Boat Race Website


The Women's Boat Race, between crews representing Oxford and Cambridge Universities has enjoyed a peripatetic existence since its foundation in 1927, only becoming a permanent fixture in the mid 1960's. The race moved to Henley in the late 1970's, a time when the race became a permanent feature of the Oxbridge sporting landscape.

Now on the verge of moving to the Tideway in 2015 to share the day with the men's crews, the Newton's Boat Race is building anticipation.

After the 2013 Race Cambridge led the series by 40 victories, to 27, however the last 20 years have seen the pendulum swing from the light blues in the 1990's to the dark blues in the 2000's.

The advent of sponsorship in 2010 by Newton Investment Management has allowed both clubs to invest in coaching and equipment, after having struggled with inadequate facilities for many years. With assurance of a stronger financial future, Cambridge have committed to building a shared facility at Ely, while at Oxford the sexes have coexisted at OUBC's new boathouse in Wallingford since 2009.

In anticipation of the Women's race moving to the Tideway in London in 2015, to be televised for the first time alongside the men's race, the clubs have recruited new coaching teams and are now planning their build-up to this landmark change. Cambridge challenge Oxford on 20th March 2014 at 3:00pm.

The Newton Boat Race Website