Anna works with teams or individuals to develop strategies for crystal clear communication and high performance teamwork within organisations. Using her ten years' experience of racing in crews of many sizes, she can facilitate the formation of a group into a streamlined entity with common motivation and focus, and an appreciation of the talents and diversity within it. She can work one-on-one to help individuals take themselves through ceilings and barriers. A particular passion is helping women to develop resilient confidence as a key life skill.

These sessions can also allow the option of getting out on the water in racing boats to try to develop some real crew harmony!


Anna is an experienced public speaker, having worked with a wide range of companies and employee groups. She is uniquely able to combine her scientific background with her elite sport experience to draw out meaningful insights into the secrets of success. More than just a motivational story, Anna's clear and honest analysis of the planning, leadership and teamwork that went into the race has a raw relevance for business today. In particular Anna can focus on:

  • Approaches to leadership: no compromise, or flexibility

  • The use of data in progressing performance

  • Planning for success

  • The perfect team

  • A way to win for women

Anna can speak for an audience of hundreds, or lead an intimate workshop with your leadership team. She is always happy to tailor her content to specific requirements. She has worked with companies and organisations such as; Siemens, BNY Mellon, QinetiQ, The Sunday Times, Visa, Nationwide, Accenture, Scottish Widows, NHS and Cambridge. was just one of those very special moments. As for Anna herself I wonder if she really realises the impact she has on ordinary people like myself. Her achievements are fantastic and her approach so down to earth. Anna did have a unique story to tell and a unique approach that was so pertinent to the mission of the NHS institute...

...bang on message, engaging and really thought provoking...

...everything went well yesterday and Anna's presentation was fantastic. All of the staff were engrossed in what she had to say and her speech gave a positive 'team' message.